PA Container 275 Gallon Tote (used)
  • PA Container 275 Gallon Tote (used)

275 Gallon Tote (used) IBC


Used 275 gallon totes, pretty clean inside and out.

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Used 275 gallon totes, pretty clean inside and out.

The dimensions of these 275 gallon totes are 48"L x 40"W x 46"H

Some of the uses our customers use these 275 gallon totes for are  dog house, home heating oil storage, cut and modify to make camping site portable john toilet, waste motor oil storage, hunting enclosure, the plastic can be removed and the cage can be used as a farm animal feeder, water storage for animals, with a little cutting and DIY know how you can stack two of them and make a portable camp shower, rainwater collection and rainwater harvesting, hydroponics and aquaponics, chop and flip aquaponics, potable water storage for gardens and construction work, aquaponic gardens, compost bins, livestock watering trough, live fish storage well, rabbit hutch, transporting water to job sites, calf hutch, chick brooder, and more.

275 Gallon Tote (used)
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